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I've been a backpacking-type-of-traveler for over thirty years, and it's been my pleasure to help people to plan their own journeys. 

Most recently I've enjoyed mentoring people who are preparing to walk the Camino de Santiago—a network of centuries-old walking paths that crisscross western Europe.

If you haven't yet heard about it, the Camino is an extraordinary experience that offers people the chance to gain fitness for both body and soul. And it's fun too!

In the past decade I've walked over 2000 miles (about 3200 kilometers) on Camino pilgrimage routes in France and Spain. [That's not a boast: others have walked far greater distances, and many times I've been left in the dust by vigorous 70+ year-olds racing past me.]  

One of the most frequently asked questions by those wanting to walk the Camino is "What should I take" ? So I wrote a book devoted to that topic (Camino de Santiago: To Walk Far, Carry Less). 

Much to my surprise, several thousand people have used the book to plan their Camino journey (you can read some reviews here). 

I believe the Camino can change lives, and that's why I'll continue to provide other Camino resources via print and digital formats.

NEW Fall 2019 — building Camino websites for my fellow pilgrims.

If you want to stop social media platforms from stealing your personal information to then sell for profit, leave for your own private website.

If you want to stop supporting social media platforms that allow bad people to spread disinformation, lies and rumors — literally causing death, destruction, and divisiveness among citizens throughout the world — then leave, and get your own private website.

There you can showcase your photos, tell your stories, and communicate with loved ones, with an easy-to-use mobile phone app while you walk the Camino.

After the Camino, keep your website for new adventures — or for the “this & that” of everyday life.

Some may even want to transform their website for other purposes (small business? blog about other topics? an author’s website?).

I’m happy to help people leave anti-social media platforms, for a more positive approach of communicating with friends and family.

And, by the way, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to manage your own website! No high-tech skills or knowledge needed. I make sure you’re comfortable before you leave for the Camino.

Thanks for visiting. 

Feel free to contact me .
Jean Christie

A creative community of website designers.

A creative community of website designers.

I live in West Seattle, with my spouse and an older but still disruptive cat.

The view from Alki Beach in West Seattle [not my sailboat—wish it was!]

The view from Alki Beach in West Seattle [not my sailboat—wish it was!]